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Energy Efficient Landscaping for Your Commercial Property

Office building
Office building by Pixabay

With increasing energy costs, businesses are always on the lookout for ways to save money. Did you know that you can cut heating and cooling expenses by strategically landscaping your commercial property? Here are four tips you can put to use to lower your utility bills.

Plant Shrubs and Bushes Near Your Building

Use lower shrubs and bushes around the first floor of your building to protect this lower level. They’ll block wind, help hold in winter heat, and provide insulation to keep cool air in summer. Just make sure the soil you plant in has good drainage. You don’t want excess moisture from water sitting on your foundation for too long.

Use Evergreens to Block Wind

A wall of evergreen trees, like pine, spruce, or cypress, can act like a windscreen in colder months. If you get heavy winter winds from the north, for example, plant a line of evergreens along the north line of your property to block the chilling effects of these winds. More mature trees will give you better coverage faster.

Let Deciduous Trees Provide Shade

In summer, deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves in autumn) are the heroes. Plant leafy trees near your business building to give cooling shade and a little breeze on hot days. Then, when winter comes, the warming sun will still be able to shine through. When adding deciduous trees, ensure they’re spaced far enough from your structure to avoid branches damaging your roof. Also, remember that they’ll grow over time, so leave room for the canopy to expand over the coming years.

Take Advantage of the Hardiness of Native Plants

When selecting plants for any business property landscaping needs, try to buy natives whenever possible. These are plants that are from your geographic area. They will do better because they’re meant to grow in your climate, whether you have dry summers, wet winters, or a heavy snow pack half the year. Native species can usually withstand more ups and downs in water supply and temperature changes too.

How are native plants more energy efficient? You likely won't have to run your irrigation system as often for them because they’re less fussy. And they’ll grow bigger and faster than so-called exotic species from other regions, giving you the energy-saving results you want quicker.

Any time you make improvements to your business property, including landscaping, you should make sure your commercial property insurance reflects the upgrades. Call Pufalt-Pauley Insurance Agency at 618-233-0034 today if you need insurance for your business.